Post Abortion Assessment

Post Abortion Assessment

Post Abortion Assessment

A Post Abortion Assessment helps detect potential complications that could negatively impact your current health or future fertility. Follow up care is essential to all medical and surgical abortions. BFR Medical provides Post Abortion Assessments 3-6 weeks after your abortion, however, we encourage you to attend your follow up appointment with your abortion provider as well.  

Your Post Abortion Assessment appointment may include:

What to Expect

Your privacy and comfort are very important to us. We recognize that everyone responds differently after an abortion and we ensure you will be met with compassion and support no matter what. 

If you are struggling after your abortion and feel like you need to talk to someone before your appointment, contact us and we can connect you with one of our trained team members to help you process any thoughts or feelings you may have. 

You are not alone. Talk with our licensed medical professionals today.
You are not alone. Talk with our licensed medical professionals today.

“What I liked best is sitting down and being able to talk about my options and viewpoints.”

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“I like how they treated me like a person and not a patient.”

“I felt very comfortable from the moment I walked in. I was greeted warmly and treated with sensitivity, kindness, and respect.”

Questions about your appointment?

A: So our team can best serve you, we ask that you make an appointment.

A: Most of our appointments take about 60-75 minutes from start to finish.

A: All our services are completely free for you. No insurance needed!

A: Ordinarily yes, however, due to COVID-19 we are limiting the number of people in our facility. Please call before your appointment and ask our staff.